gov’t unveils online Taiwanese dictionary

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has put online its new Taiwanese (Hoklo) dictionary, the Táiwān Mǐnnányǔ chángyòngcí cídiǎn (giving the Mandarin name) (臺灣閩南語常用詞辭典). The preliminary version, which is to be amended in six months, contains 16,000 entries.

I especially welcome the section on Taiwan place-names.

further reading: MOE launches first Hoklo-language online dictionary, Taipei Times, October 20, 2008 [Note: The headline’s use of “first” is almost certainly incorrect.]

2 thoughts on “gov’t unveils online Taiwanese dictionary

  1. To be utterly pedantic, the headline could mean “MOE launches ITS first Hoklo-language online dictionary” (just as “Taiwanese firm opens first office in Europe” would refer to the company’s first office, not the first office of any sort).

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