Ba Jin in Pinyin, with audio

illustration of two young men under an umbrella -- from Ba Jin's 'Family'This bit of news is simply wonderful. As part of Sinolingua‘s Abridged Chinese Classic Series, all three volumes in Bā Jīn‘s “torrents” trilogy (Jīliú sānbùqǔ / 激流三部曲) are now available in abridged editions in word-parsed Hanyu Pinyin (with Chinese characters underneath), along with a few notes in English and mp3 files of the text being read aloud.

These books would make great material for those who are

  • studying Mandarin
  • trying to memorize Chinese characters
  • learning Hanyu Pinyin
  • wanting to read something in Mandarin that isn’t too damn hard but isn’t a children’s book either
  • looking for something to read in Mandarin that doesn’t require much or even any knowledge of Chinese characters (ABCs and other “overseas Chinese,” take note!)

Through the generousity of the publisher, now offers sample chapters from each of these three classics of twentieth-century Chinese literature along with audio files of the text being read aloud.

I’m very pleased to offer samples from these books on this site and hope these editions will be enjoyed by many readers worldwide and become standard texts in many classrooms.

8 thoughts on “Ba Jin in Pinyin, with audio

  1. Tremendous work for the public good.
    It will benefit a large portion of the ‘learners’ constituents.
    Congratulations to you for the phenomenal work you have undertaken and congratulations to readers for having this type of reading materials now available.
    I plan to look into it (at Jia) if it could be adopted as a teaching text for advanced readers.

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  3. Sinolingua and some other Chinese publishers are convinced that Pinyin must be printed with ? (single-story „Latin alpha“, as opposed to double-story a), and with ? (single story; not double story g). It’s a weird “tradition” and there are not many fonts available that meet that requirement.

  4. A great addition to the extensive reading library for learners of Chinese as a foreign language! Suitable for use both inside classroom and as independent studies projects at 3rd-year or 4th-year level in most college programs.

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