Tailingua.com: an introduction to Taiwanese

My friend Michael Cannings has just unveiled his new Web site on the Taiwanese language, Tailingua. Here is how he introduces it:

Taiwanese is a Chinese language spoken by two-thirds of the population of Taiwan. It forms one dialect of the group known as Southern Min, which has a total of around forty-nine million native speakers, making it the twenty-first most widely-spoken language in the world.

However, there is very little information in English available on the internet (or in print, for that matter) about Southern Min in general, and Taiwanese in particular – a lack that Tailingua is designed to remedy, at least in part.

The site provides concise summaries of romanization and other methods for writing Taiwanese. It also offers fonts, input methods, a list of useful books, and more.

A very promising beginning!

2 thoughts on “Tailingua.com: an introduction to Taiwanese

  1. Thanks for the the mention of the Tailingua website. I own a foreign language website but most of my expertise lies in European languages. I have been searching for material on Chinese and the various dialectical variations including Taiwanese. This is a big help. Jacob.

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