How to write adjectives in Hanyu Pinyin

cover image for the bookToday’s selection from Yin Binyong’s Xīnhuá Pīnxiě Cídiǎn (《新华拼写词典》 / 《新華拼寫詞典》) deals with how to write Mandarin’s adjectives.

This reading is available in two versions:

2 thoughts on “How to write adjectives in Hanyu Pinyin

  1. You mean an apostrophe? The smiley means you’re kidding, right? (I sometimes have a hard time telling when things written online are meant to be taken seriously.)

    Just in case: For the record, in Pinyin there is never an apostrophe (or a comma, for that matter) between n and g in the middle of a word.

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