Mandarin newspaper with Pinyin

Victor Mair’s latest post at Language Log introduces a new U.S.-based newspaper, the Huayu Xuebao (Mandarin Learning Newspaper, 華語學報), which is similar to Taiwan’s Guoyu Ribao (Mandarin Daily News), the main difference being the former uses Hanyu Pinyin while the latter uses zhuyin fuhao (bopo mofo).

Well, actually the Huayu Xuebao doesn’t use proper Pinyin (see recent remarks). But I’m so happy to see this long-needed paper that I’ll hold my tongue for now.

Unfortunately, the paper doesn’t have its Web site ready yet — not that the long-established Guoyu Ribao is much better at that, at least when it comes to texts as they appear in the newspaper. So, for more information about the Huayu Xuebao, write learningnewspaper [AT] or phone +1-201-288-9188 (New Jersey).

There’s also a sample issue.

source: How to learn to read Chinese, Language Log, May 25, 2008

6 thoughts on “Mandarin newspaper with Pinyin

  1. The sample issue that you posted looks eerily like the kids section (one half of a single page) in the World Journal (華語學報); Traditional characters with pinyin. Even the type of content and font face used is the same. Perhaps there is a connection between the two.

  2. At least this learning newspaper has a pdf. The Guoyu Ribao (Mandarin Daily News) seems to be available in paper only. Where can one find eliterature with pinyin or bupumufu? Books are heavy for an adult like me(let alone a kid)

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