Taiwan license plates and English

Taipei City councilors holding up signs resembling license plates with funny English: PIG-456 and EGG-008It seems that ridding Taiwan license plates of the dreaded number 4 wasn’t enough. A Taipei city councilor, Tim Chang (Cháng Zhōngtiān / 常中天) of the New Party, suggested last year that “drivers are making an ass of themselves” if they drive around with license plates that spell out something that is insulting, ill-omened, or funny in English. He called for such unfortunate combinations to be filtered out in advance and for motorists to be allowed to change their plate numbers.

As the Taipei Times article on this notes, “License plates in Taiwan are made up of two alphabetic letters and four digits for cars, while license plates on scooters have three letters and three digits.”

People in Taiwan can change to another random plate number for NT$1,250 (approx. US$38), while personalized license plates cost at least NT$3,000.

source: Lucky number plate? Not for this ASS, Taipei Times, August 23, 2006

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