85 percent of Japanese report weakening of ability to write kanji: poll

I may have understated the headline by using “weakening.” Regardless, though, the figures are dramatic.

People are becoming accustomed to computer-aided input of kanji and thus forgetting how to be able to write them by hand. This is only going to get worse, not better.

For a brief English article on this, see the link below.

6月に行った調査 ではこんな結果が出ているが、最新の調査はどうだろうか。「漢字の日」である12月12日、ニンテンドー DS 用ソフト「 漢検DS 」が、漢字に関する意識調査の結果を発表した。




漢字力が低下した原因について尋ねるたところ(複数回答)、最も多かった回答は「PC をよく使うから」で87.4%。続いて「携帯電話(携帯メール)をよく使うから」(43.8%)、「年齢をおうことによる記憶力の低下」(41.8%)の順となった。



笹原助教授は漢字力低下の要因を、PC などの普及による漢字を書く行為のデジタル化に見出したが、その低下した漢字力を向上させるための学習方法にもデジタル化の波が及んでいるのかもしれない。



3 thoughts on “85 percent of Japanese report weakening of ability to write kanji: poll

  1. From the Zaman link:

    A Japanese professor had this to say about the difficulty of writing in Japanese: “When you are shown a picture of a cat and asked to identify it, you directly call it a cat. But, when you are asked to draw a picture of a cat, your chances of doing it are really unknown.”

    That’s a pretty good point. The skills involved in writing aren’t necessarily the same ones you need for reading. Even in English, I can understand far more words than I can reliably spell. The difference, though, is that using a computer improves my English spelling since I see a squiggly line every time I make a mistake. With kanji, on the other hand, computers eliminate writing process completely.

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