Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

For many years, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan has been an important voice for human rights in Taiwan, including the right of people to speak and worship in their native language.

Probably the best-established romanization system for writing Taiwanese (Hoklo, Hokkien, Minnan, etc.) is known as the “church system,” having been developed by Presbyterian missionaries. Publications are still being issued in this, as I intend to discuss in a later edition of Pinyin News.

Through the efforts of David Alexander, many writings and news releases from the church are available in English.

Articles that might be of interest to readers of Pinyin News include:

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  1. Although I’m not familiar with Zhanghua County, I’m certain there are plenty of churches there. The best place to ask such questions about Taiwan is the “where can I find…” forum at Forumosa, which is the Web site for foreigners in Taiwan.

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