Mayor Ma on learning Hakka and Taiwanese

In 馬英九怕被叫馬爺爺 開心唱客家歌, Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou offers a few remarks on Hakka, Taiwanese, and how they may be learned.

Mǎ Yīngjiǔ shuō, Kèyǔ hé Táiyǔ qíshí dōu kěyǐ yòng zhùyīn fúhào, zàijiā shàng jǐ gè yīn lái jiào, xiǎopéngyou kěyǐ yīcì xué sān zhǒng yǔyán, bùyīdìng yào yòng Luómǎ pīnyīn, zēngjiā xuéxí nándù.


The article isn’t very well written. But Ma seems to have a prejudice against romanization that should be corrected. Nonetheless, it’s hard for this Pinyin advocate to get too worked up about this because Ma is the one who finally brought some order to the signage of Taipei with the thorough implementation of Hanyu Pinyin.

Whatever they might think of other aspects of his politics, many foreigners in Taiwan are deeply appreciative of Ma’s administration for this, despite the awful, awful InTerCaPiTaLiZaTion.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Ma on learning Hakka and Taiwanese

  1. Since when did Ma become an expert on Hakka & Taiwanese? As far as I am concerned Ma does not even come close to being a jack of all trades, much less an expert of everything as he so subtly portraits himself.

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