the party line: some education levels in China for 2010

Here are some recent pronouncements from the PRC’s Ministry of Education.

I don’t advise taking any of this at face value. I’ve put it on my site for reference purposes only.

The national level of education will be enhanced in the next three years. High school graduates will be a resource for new employees, according to the Ministry of Education. In 2010, employees with education beyond the junior college level will account for 10 percent of new employees. This is the aim of the framework for the Program for Chinese Education in the 11th “Five-Year Plan”

The framework outlines the complete plan to universalize nine-year compulsory education in China by 2010. The attendance rate at primary school will remain above 99 percent; the enrollment rate for junior middle school will reach over 98 percent. The illiteracy rate of the youth and middle-aged will drop to 2 percent. The enrollment rate for senior middle school will be around 80 percent. Secondary vocational education will be on the same scale with the general senior secondary schools. Students receiving a higher education will reach 30 million, with an enrollment rate of 25 percent. Adult education and continuing education will become more developed. Over 100 million urban and rural working people, annually, will be trained.

It is reported that China’s level of education is still relatively low. The average length of employee education is over three years below the average length of developed countries.

source: The national level of education to increase in next three years, People’s Daily, June 13, 2007

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