On dictionary compilation and the etymology of loanwords in Sinitic

The latest free reissue by Sino-Platonic Papers is Hànyǔ wàiláicí de yǔyuán kǎozhèng hé cídiǎn biānzuǎn (Philological Research on the Etymology of Loanwords in Sinitic and Dictionary Compilation / 漢語外來詞的語源考證和詞典編纂 / 汉语外来词的语源考证和词典编纂 ), by Xú Wénkān (徐文堪 / Xu Wenkan) of the editorial offices of the Hanyu Da Cidian.

It was first published in February 1993 as issue no. 36 of Sino-Platonic Papers.

This issue is in Mandarin, not English, and is written (by hand) in Chinese characters.

The file of this issue is a 1 MB PDF.

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