new translations from the Bible into Hakka

Taiwan’s Bible Association recently released “Good News for the Hakka: Proverbs, Psalms and the Gospel According to John” in one volume. Association General Secretary Lai Chun-ming said, “This book makes use of the contemporary Hakka vernacular as it is spoken on the street. Insofar as it was possible the translation was made so as to put the Bible into an idiom that can easily be grasped and passed along.”

Mr. Lai said that the publication was aided by a donation from the Rev. Jerry Cole, a missionary from the Southern Baptist Convention. Of the 7,000 volumes published, Mr. Cole advance-purchased 4,000 for use in mission work. Remaining funding came through the Hakka Gospel Association and the Hakka Bible Translation Committee.

Rev. Peng Der-kuei, specialized minister for Hakka mission at Taipei’s Shuang-lien Presbyterian Church, said that the special features of this new volume include combined use of Chinese characters and Romanization accompanied by a preface in which the Romanization system for Hakkanese is clearly explained.

The Hakka Gospel Association has 2,000 volumes available for sale. Those wishing a copy can contact the group in Taiwan at 03 5945546.


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