Recommended romanization-related books in English

Those who want to go directly to the readings themselves, rather than browse through the tables of contents of the books below to find the sample chapters and other excerpts, can jump to the list of readings available on this site.

  1. Chao Yuen Ren (Y.R. Chao, Zhao Yuanren)
  2. DeFrancis, John
  3. DeFrancis, John (ed.)
  4. Erbaugh, Mary S. (ed.)
  5. Hannas, Wm. C.
  6. Kennedy, George A.
  7. Mair, Victor H. (ed.)
  8. Mair, Victor H. and Yongquan Liu (eds.)
  9. Packard, Jerome L.
  10. Unger, J. Marshall
  11. Yin Binyong and Mary Felley
  12. Zhou Youguang