Zhou Youguang writes about Pinyin.info

I’d like to share a note that Zhou Youguang, the father of Pinyin, very generously wrote to me last week.

??Mark Swofford ???????,????????????.???Swofford ?????????! / ?????????? / ?????????? / ??????????? / ??? / 2012-03-02 / ??107?

??Mark Swofford ???????,????????????.???Swofford ?????????!



G?nxiè Mark Swofford xi?nsheng de p?ny?n w?ngzhàn, b? p?ny?n yòngzuò xuéxí Zh?ngwén de g?ngjù. W? zhùhè Swofford xi?nsheng de g?ngzuò huòdé chéngg?ng!

Y?yán sh?rén y?ubié yú qínshòu,
wénzì sh? wénmíng bié yú y?mán,
jiàoyù sh? xi?njìn y?ubié yú luòhòu.

Zh?u Y?ugu?ng
shí nián 107 suì

10 thoughts on “Zhou Youguang writes about Pinyin.info

  1. That’s a great honor. I haven’t yet participated in the comments part of this website, but I appreciate your work immensely and read it often.
    Sterling Swallow
    Taoyuan, Taiwan

  2. Mr Zhou’s original script should read


    and the pinyin

    Y?yán sh? rénlèi bié yú qínshòu,
    wénzì sh? wénmíng bié yú y?mán,
    jiàoyù sh? xi?njìn bié yú luòhòu.

    Apart from careful proof-reading, the transcription errors could actually be avoided if one knows that a neat structure is usually preferred.

  3. I can’t read all the characters, neither.
    I tried Unicode(UTF-8), Unicode(UTF-16LE), Big5, Big5-HKSCS, GBK, and GB18030 and the problems remains
    Can anyone help me?

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