letters with diacritics: a roughly alphabetical chart


For those who don’t know an ogonek from a retroflex hook — and sometimes for those who do — finding a needed letter with a diacritical mark can be a time-consuming process. (I look forward to the days when combining marks are much better supported.)

So I made a chart with lots of — but certainly not all — diacritics, sorted alphabetically by appearance as well as name and sound. That means, for example, that a thorn (þ) can be found under p as well as under t (as in th), even though — I know, I know — p and þ are unrelated.

Perhaps some people will find it quicker to use than going through the various Unicode charts or searching through various other charts in which the letters are grouped by sound rather than appearance. Someone has probably already made one of these, and done a better job. But I didn’t have any luck finding it before hacking out my own.

Here it is, for what it’s worth: letters with diacritical marks, grouped alphabetically.

I hope some people find it useful.

One thought on “letters with diacritics: a roughly alphabetical chart

  1. This is a great resource, thanks!!
    I guess you’re aware of Alan Wood’s Unicode pages. There’s some overlap between what you’re doing here and what he’s got.
    Also, in this page, you might make reference to combining diacritic marks, and the fact that if the exact character someone wants isn’t found here, she can construct it herself. I know you have a few good pages on combining marks for use with pinyin. Here are some more links on combining diacritics for general use:

    Combining diacritical marks 0300 – 036F:

    Combining diacritics supplement 1DC0 – 1DFF:

    Combining diacritical marks for symbols 20D0 – 20F0:

    Combining half marks FE20 – FE2F:

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