Hanyu Pinyin address plates in Taizhong

Today’s Taipei Times has a photo displaying a sample of a new address plate for buildings. The new-style plates are larger and feature romanization. The choice of Hanyu Pinyin, however, might change if the KMT fails to hold the mayorship of Taizhong (usually spelled Taichung, following bastardized Wade-Giles), as the choice of romanization systems has become partisanized, to the dismay even of many within the DPP who would prefer a more practical approach to the issue.

Note, too, the logo in the upper left corner. Although the logo is fine in the case of the address plates, many of the newer street signs in Taizhong are less legible because of the logo’s placement. I’ll supply examples later.

source: Sign of the times, Taipei Times, November 9, 2005.

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