major paper on Crazy English released

The new work I promised on Li Yang and his Crazy English method has finally been published and is available for free on the Web: A Survey of Li Yang Crazy English (2.6 MB PDF), by Amber R. Woodward.

For a little more on this, see Victor Mair’s recent post on Language Log: Crazy English again.

This paper, which is some 70 pages long, includes photos and even videos.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Preface
  • Abstract
  • Li Yang: The Man
    • Li Yang’s Background
    • The Establishment of Li Yang Crazy English
  • Crazy English: The Method
    • Precursors to Crazy English
    • Crazy English Pedagogical Method
    • Crazy English Psychological Method
    • The Potential for Success of the Crazy English Method
  • Li Yang Crazy English Politics: The Madness
    • Li Yang’s Personal Ideology
    • Zhang Yuan’s 1999 Documentary, Crazy English
    • Crazy English Publicity
    • Government Response to Li Yang
    • Connection between the Method and the Madness
  • Appendix
    • Survey on Li Yang and Crazy English
    • Transcript of Time Asia Interview
    • Transcript of Li’s Responses to Criticism
    • Pictures of Li Yang Crazy English
  • Bibliography

This is issue no. 180 of Sino-Platonic Papers.

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