Two-syllable Taiwanese family names

As of June 30, 2018, Taiwan had just 22,332 people with a disyllabic surname (i.e., one that takes two Chinese characters to write). They cover just 0.09% of the population — just less than one in a thousand. This is slightly less than the 0.11 percent of the population of China that has such a family name. Also, in China, by far the most common two-syllable surname is Ouyang; but in Taiwan “Zhangjian” is more seen.

Name Name total
張簡 Zhangjian 9,059
歐陽 Ouyang 7,860
范姜 Fanjiang 4,300
周黃 Zhouhuang 590
江謝 Jiangxie 523

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  • Quánguó xìngmíng tǒngjì fēnxi (全國姓名統計分析). Department of Household Registration, Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan, 2018, p. 28.

3 thoughts on “Two-syllable Taiwanese family names

  1. Hi, I’m from Taiwan.
    “Zhangjian” is “張簡”, and “Fanjiang” is “范姜”.

    My wife has “Zhangliao 張廖” which has mediocre members among people with two-syllable family names.

  2. For the original post, I used ChatGPT to remove Microsoft Word’s crap code from the HTML table. But the AI bot hallucinated and gave me some simplified characters. I’ve fixed this — I hope.

  3. Thanks, Aiuanyu. I’ve fixed those.

    I had them correct originally. But ChatGPT had its own “ideas” and changed them.

    I see I’m going to have to be much more careful about employing AI bots for even simple tasks.

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