Beijing bound

In less than seven hours I’ll be leaving on my first trip to Beijing in fifteen years … and of course I’m not finished packing yet.

While I’m there I’ll of course be doing my usual thing of finding sloppy Pinyin and signage to complain about here. But I’m also hopeful that I’ll be able to pick up some more old tracts in Sin Wenz. Recommendations on where to look would be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Beijing bound

  1. Hey, give a shout when you’re in town. There’s plenty of sloppy Pinyin signage around; Sin Wenz may be tougher, but I’d suggest looking either on — I’ve found a few old books that way, though I’ve never looked for anything in SW — or (possibly as a last resort) one of the junk fairs around Panjiayuan etc.

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