Hanyu Pinyin backer to return to Taiwan’s Cabinet

Dr. Ovid Tzeng (Zēng Zhìlǎng / 曾志朗 ) will be returning to government as a minister without portfolio in the Cabinet of the incoming administration of Ma Ying-jeou.

Tzeng has done important work in psycholinguistics and is known to support Taiwan’s adoption of Hanyu Pinyin. Indeed, this support was one of the reasons he was pushed out of office the last time he was in government service, as minister of education at the beginning of President Chen Shui-bian’s first term.

Tasked with choosing a romanization system for Taiwan, Tzeng recommended Hanyu Pinyin. He was promptly replaced by someone who backed the adoption of the newly minted Tongyong Pinyin.

Tzeng’s name is often misspelled “”Ovid Tseng” in news reports.

9 thoughts on “Hanyu Pinyin backer to return to Taiwan’s Cabinet

  1. Speaking of misspellings, Dr. Tzeng’s surname in pinyin should be Z?ng, not céng. In fact the character ? as a surname is always Z?ng. (Another common mispronuncation is rèn for ? Rén.)

  2. @site admin

    … Chinese characters with multiple pronunciations

    You shoulda put the title in the link — I almost guffawed. But then — I’ve got a bias towards Pinyin, which is, as the linked article mentions, vastly superior to English orthography.

  3. He went from diametrically opposed to Hanyu Pinyin if you asked him in
    the 90s, to opposed to just X and Q etc. if I recall correctly, to
    finally apparently accepting Hanyu Pinyin, hopefully still up till

    His students needed strong arguments to slowly bang it into his head.

  4. It just dawned on me that we wanting Hanyu Pinyin is indeed the same
    as the recent “single textbook version for a single curriculum”
    issue. One Pinyin worldwide, to reduce everybody’s burden.

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