new book on bilingual education in China

Last month saw the release of Bilingual Education in China: Practices, Policies and Concepts, edited by Anwei Feng (University of Durham).

I have not seen a copy of this yet but thought it might be of interest to some readers of Pinyin News. Here’s the publisher’s description:

This work compares and contrasts two strands of bilingualism in China, one for minority nationality groups, the other for majority. It examines the history, policy, philosophy, politics, provision and practice in bilingual, trilingual or multilingual education involving Mandarin Chinese, English, and minority languages. This volume brings a mixed group of researchers together to discuss issues in bilingual or trilingual education for the majority and minority nationality groups in China and to explore the relationship between the two. Articles range from reports of bilingual or trilingual education projects in remote minority regions to discussions about Chinese-English bilingual education in major economic centres.

For a list of articles in the book, see the table of contents (PDF).

ISBN: 1-85359-992-1
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-85359-992-7

ISBN-10: 1853599913
ISBN-13: 978-1853599910

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