Baidu adds handwriting input

Baidu has just added a function that allows people to use their mouse to write Chinese characters for searches.

On the Baidu home page, click on “??” (sh?uxi?/??/handwrite).

This will bring up a pop-up box in which you can use your mouse to write Hanzi. This functions in basically the same way as the mouse-writing tool that Nciku added about two years ago.

source:’s Search Box Now Supports Chinese Handwriting Input, China Tech News, June 16, 2010

6 thoughts on “Baidu adds handwriting input

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  2. Well, it loads much faster for me than Nciku’s version, but I wish it showed pinyin on mouseover — if one of the stated purposes is to make it easier to look up unknown characters, then giving the prounciation up front (instead of requiring a search) seems only logical.

  3. Sorry to double-post, but one semi-interesting thing I’ve just noticed: this seems to recognize more variant forms than Nciku, including second-round simplifications. A box with a vertical line down the middle brings up ?, ? + ? brings up ?, etc.

  4. Nciku and Baidu both use Flash (as does Skritter), MDBG uses Java. It would be nice if someone proposed an online solution for writing Chinese characters that doesn’t require a special plug-in (à la HTML 5 with the canvas element).

    By the way, this is a bit off topic, but how do you type Pinyin? I use the US International keyboard on Windows and Linux, which allows me to type fairly easily in French, German and Spanish. I type the diacritic first, so I have no problem with má and mà, but I wish I had an easy way to type m? and m?. I also can’t type l? because it uses two diacritics!

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