S.P.: Surf’s uP

Here’s an image from the Taiwanese poster for the forthcoming movie Surf’s Up. Surfing penguins — I’m in no hurry to see this.

But I do very much like the lettering (in all senses), which incorporates two of the letters of the original title in the Chinese characters for the Mandarin name (Ch?nglàng jìjié, ????). (The title might end up translated differently in China.)

???? -- with an S taking the place of the 'water' bushou in the 2nd character and a P taking the place of the '?' in the final character

In the second character an S takes the place of the “water” bushou ? (“radical” is a misleading translation, so it’s best to avoid that word). And in the final character a P takes the place of the “?”.



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