confusing road signs to be corrected: MOTC

Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications is calling on the public to report confusing or unclear highway signs.

The ministry’s Institute of Transportation (Jiāotōngbù Yùnshū Yánjiūsuǒ) has set up a toll-free telephone line for people who want to report such signs. The number is 0800-231-900, extension 5. Or people can make submissions through the institute’s Web site (Mandarin only).

I doubt that the ministry can be convinced that the awkward typography and tiny lettering of the romanization on many signs are indeed errors that need correction. Still, it’s worth a try. But as for the use of Tongyong Pinyin….

Signs will be corrected within 15 days, according to the ministry.


2 thoughts on “confusing road signs to be corrected: MOTC

  1. On a slightly related topic, there was a report in the WSJ Asia about Beijing trying to clean up its English signs. I haven’t been able to find it online but I thought you might like to know it’s out there, if you can get a copy of WSJ over in Taiwan. It’s a bit odd in that it takes a slightly critical tone and makes it sound like foreigners would prefer to keep bad English as a source of entertainment rather than have proper English.

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