romanization on Taiwan ID cards hits a snag

The addition of some Aborigine’s original names to their new national ID cards has been encountering a few problems. I didn’t think twenty characters would be enough space for some names, and I was right. The letters that won’t fit within the twenty spaces are having to be written in by hand. What’s worse, it looks like no one has bothered to give local offices any romanization guidelines for the various langauges of Taiwan’s tribes.

zuì cháng f?sh?ng de wèntí du? shì Luóm? p?ny?n de y?nyì kùnr?o jí wénzì guò cháng, y?uxi? yuánzhùmín xìngmíng shízài h?n nán zh?och? f?y?n xi?ngjìn de Luóm? p?ny?n.

My guess would be that lots of people are making up the romanization as they go along. Aargh!

source: Yuánzhùmín jí mínzhòng sh?nq?ng hu?fù míngzi huàn zhèng — wénzì guò cháng shì kùnr?o (???????????? ???????), CNA, February 20, 2006

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