Hanyu Pinyin crossword puzzle

The theme of this puzzle is fairly specialized: Taiwan politics. So those not familiar with Taiwan are probably going to find much of this one difficult. But if enough people are interested in other such puzzles on more general themes, please let me know and I’ll create some additional crosswords. Also, please let me know what you think of this one. (Too hard? Too easy? Some questions are too obscure? Interesting? Boring?)

Here are a few guidelines:

  • tones are ignored
  • u is used for both u and ü
  • apostrophes are omitted
  • words can be run together, just as in other crossword puzzles

Have fun!

crossword puzzle in Hanyu Pinyin

4. fight club?
5. one aspect of 12 across
7. KMT
11. min_______, one of the Sanminzhuyi
12. dirty-money politics
13. min _______, one of the Sanminzhuyi
16. Taiwan’s capital prior to Taipei
18. Isla Formosa
19. 1st pers. sing., to Chen Shui-bian
20. pan-green

1. one of 20 across, Minzhu _______
2. start of the guoge
3. Annette _______
6. min_______, one of the Sanminzhuyi
8. “the mainland”
9. _______ Guomindang
10. PFP
14. former ruling nation of Taiwan
15. pan-blue
17. month no. for Taipei mayoral election

This one’s for Gus, who got me started thinking of this.

3 thoughts on “Hanyu Pinyin crossword puzzle

  1. I think you are onto something.

    I too am not into Taiwan politics, and food would be a good one, or for that matter no category i.e. most common words (for us beginners) would be fine.

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