Using Pinyin to Type Chinese Characters on a U.S. English Windows 2000 System

The following method worked on my Win2K system (English, with Microsoft's traditional Chinese "Global IME" installed).

First do a Ctrl+Shift to bring up the Chinese input method you already have set.

You should see something like this 1 near the bottom right corner of your screen.

Put your mouse over the area and right click. Then choose the bottom option. 2

A larger box will appear.

  1. Choose the middle tab
  2. Select "Luoma Pinyin (R)" (There may also be other Hanyu Pinyin entry methods. Try various methods if they are available to see which works best for you.)
  3. Click "OK"

For more on the various means to input Chinese characters into Microsoft Windows systems, see (Note Microsoft's common but incorrect labeling of Chinese characters as ideographs.)