The Lord's Prayer in Mandarin Chinese

1. In Roman Alphabet, according to Sir Thomas Wade's standard spelling. This requires to be altered to suit each dialect in every Province.

Wo3 mên1 tsai4 t'iên1 shang4 ti1 fu4,
yüan4 jên2 tu1 tsun1 Ni3 ti1 ming4 wei4 sheng4,
yüan4 Ni3 ti1 kuo2 chiang4 lin2,
yuan4 Ni3 ti1 chih3 yi4 hsin2 tsai4 ti4 shang4,
ju2 t'ung2 hsing2 tsai4 t'ien1 shang4.
Wo3 men1 jih4 yung4 ti1 yin3 shih2,
chin1 jih4 t'su43 wo3 mên1,
miên3 wo3 mên1 ti1 chai4,
ju2 t'ung2 wo3 mên1 mien3 jên2 ti1 chai4.
Pu4 chao4 wo3 mên14 chiên4 shih4 t'an4,
chiu4 wo3 mên1 t'o1 li2 hsiung1 ê4,
yin1 wei1 kuo2 tu4 c'hüan1 ping3 jung2 yüeh4 c'hüan1 shih4 ni3 ti1
shih4 shih4 wu2 c'hiung2 a1 mên1.

2. In the Numeral Type, which can be read with equal facility in all Provinces of Mandarin China -- which comprises eight-ninths of the whole of China -- without any alteration, except, in certain Provinces, the addition of a very simple symbol to denote a fifth tone. (See note on page 132.)

numeral type for Mandarin Chinese

3. In Shorthand for Numeral Type.

numeral type shorthand example

4. The Lord's Prayer in Mandarin Chinese as Pronounced at Peking.

Chinese characters for Lord's Prayer