Readings in Sayable Chinese

by Yuen Ren Chao (Zhao Yuanren, 趙元任, 赵元任)

San Francisco: Asian Language Publications Inc., 1969

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This collection has three volumes, each with text in Chinese characters and the Gwoyeu Romatzyh romanization system. Explanatory notes and introductory material are in English.

Each of these books is also available on cassette, as read by the author and members of his family.


cover of Sayable Chinese, by Y.R. Chao cover of Sayable Chinese, by Y.R. Chao cover of Sayable Chinese, by Y.R. Chao
Volume 1
Doanpian Guhshyh, Hueyhuah, gen Shyueshuh Luennwen Charngjou-huah Hueyhuah      Short Stories, Conversations, & Learned Articles
Beeifeng gen Tayyang The North Wind and the Sun
Hwu Jea Huu Uei The Fox Borrows the Tiger's Prestige
Jyupyi Shianq Orange Peel Lane
Tzoou Daw Bihhuall Lii Through the Painted Wall
Jiannchyau Hueyhuah Cambridge Conversations
Farngtz gen Tianchih Houses and Weather
Tarn Luh-in On Recording Speech
Shyue Jongwen de Shyuesheng Students of Chinese
Wuushya Sheaushuo Adventure Stories
Jihcherng Chihche Daw Huei Jie Taxi to Gray Street
Yeang Mhau Keeping Cats
Her Wey Hannshyue? Jou Faagau juh What Is Sinology? by Fa-Kao Chou
Luenn Hannshyue-jieh de Daybeau Renwuh, Jou Faagau juh Representative Personages in Sinology, by Fa-Kao Chou
Tzyhjuann Piannduann Fragments of an Autobiography
Tzaonian Hweiyih Early Reminiscences
Dong i-piall Shi i-duall Earliest Scenes and Episodes
Woode Jia gen Woo Juh de Jia My Family and My Home
Woo Sheaushyrhowl Shuo de Huah My Early Speech
Shanq-shyue Niann-shu Going to School
Biannluann gen Biannguh Eventful Years in the Country and at Home
"Hwei " Nanbian "Returning" to the South
Dawle Charngjou Arriving in Changchow
Charngjou-huah Hueyhuah Conversations in the Changchow Dialect
Volume 2

Tzoou Daw Jinqtz Lii Gen Alihsy Kannjiann Liitou Yeou Shie Sherme

Luhyihsy Jialeheel Yuanjuh

Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

by Lewis Carroll

Juhjee Yuan Shiuh Author's Preface
Jinqtz Lii de Farngtz Looking-Glass House
Hwo Hual Huayual The Garden of Live Flowers
Jinqtz Lii de Gehjoong Chorngl Looking-Glass Insects
Toeidelduen gen Toeideldih Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Mianyang gen Chyrtarng Wool and Water
Huendih Duendih Humpty Dumpty
Shytz gen Dwuj eau Maa The Lion and the Unicorn
Jeh sh Woo Tzyhgeel de Faming It's My Own Invention
Alihsy Hwanghow Queen Alice
Niing Shaking
Shiing Waking
Sh Sheir Tzuoh de Menq ne? Which Dreamt It?
Bar Epilogue
Volume 3
  1. Roantii Donqwuh -- Day Weisy yuanjuh, Jaw Yuanrenn bianyih
  2. Yee Meiguey, Chern Chyuan juh
  1. The Mollusc, by H. H. Davies, adapted by Y. R. Chao
  2. The Wild Rose, by Ch'en Ch'üan