Literacy and Script Reform in Occupation Japan: Reading Between the Lines

by J. Marshall Unger

New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.

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  1. Introduction: Dreamers or Realists?
  2. Literacy in Japan up to 1945
    • The Tokugawa Inheritance
    • The Effects of Public Schooling
  3. Script Reform from Within
    • Kana Typewriters and Romaji Textbooks
    • The Toyo Kanji List and Reforms of 1946-59
  4. SCAP Steps In
    • Robert King Hall
    • Abraham Meyer Halpern
  5. The Romaji Education Experiment
    • Evidence from Trainor and the GHQ/SCAP Archives
    • Interlude: The Strange Case of the Romazi Sinbun
    • Evidence from Japanese Sources
  6. Conclusion: The Most Literate Nation on Earth?
    • The Joyo Kanji List and the Liberal Democratic Party Backlash
    • A Functional View of Literacy
  • Appendixes
    1. Halpern's Overview of the Romanization Issue
    2. Trainor's Account of the Romaji Education Experiment
    3. Calhoun's Key Memoranda on the Experiment's Results
    4. Remarks on Archival Sources
  • Glossary of Japanese Terms