Characters and Computers

edited by Victor H. Mair and Yongquan Liu

Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1991.

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Victor H. Mair
Preface: Building the Future of Information Processing in East Asia Demands Facing linguistic and Technological Reality
Yongquan Liu
Difficulties in Chinese Information Processing and Ways to Their Solution
ZHOU Youguang
Intrinsic Features of Chinese Language as Applied in Word Processing on Computers
YIN Binyong
Pinyin-to-Chinese Character Computer Conversion Systems and the Realization of Digraphia in China
A Synopsis of CPSG --Chinese Phrase Structure Grammar
Zhiwei Feng
Complex Features in the Description of Chinese Language
Apollo Wu
Enhanced Hanyu Pinyin Input Accuracy with a Skewed Tone-Indication Approach
Liqing Zhang
Pinyin for Typesetting?
John S. Rohsenow and Edward Zawacki
Formatting a Chinese-English Dictionary on Computer
Keith Vander Linden, Zhihua Long, and Liang Tao
Chinese Zero Anaphora in Translation: A Preliminary System
Wei Zhang and Zhigang Cao
Some Dynamic Control Methods for Improving Quality in a Phoneme-Based Formant Synthesis System
Robert M. Hartwell
A Computer-Based Comprehensive Analysis of Medieval Chinese Social and Economic History
P. M. Thompson
Chinese Text Input and Corpus Linguistics
J. Marshall Unger
Minimum Specifications for Japanese and Chinese Alphanumeric Workstations
Hisao Yamada
Is Logography a Better Writing System?
Won L. Chung
Hangeul and Computing
James T. Caldwell
Unicode: A Standard International Character Code for Multilingual Information Processing