I am greatly indebted to Mr. George Kerr for taking down what I have dictated and typing the first draft of the manuscript, as well as for his valuable suggestions and checking of certain facts. However, I am solely responsible for the final version and the viewpoints expressed in this book.

Since I destroyed all my diaries and notes kept from childhood just before I left Formosa, certain dates are not too specific. For the protection of certain people their names cannot be given in my narrative.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to all who extended concern, assistance, and support to me during the most difficult period.

I wish to pay homage to those brave Formosans who never cease the struggle for the future of their compatriots, in the course of which many have endured great personal sacrifice and others have lost their lives.

My thoughts are always with members of my family and personal friends who still bear the burdens and punishment imposed on them because of their relationship to me.

I appreciate the initial suggestion of Professor and Mrs. Carl Gustaf Bernhard that I write my memoirs. I want to thank Mr. Julian Bach and Miss Mary Clemmey for their encouragement, and also the staff of Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. for their arrangement to publish this manuscript.

I am grateful to Mrs. Linda G. Erickson for her careful editing and assistance in preparing the final version of the manuscript.

Peng Ming-min

Ann Arbor, Michigan

January 1972