Formosa Betrayed

This book is a damning indictment of the KMT administration in Taiwan in the years just after World War II. It contains detailed information on Chiang Kai-shek, Chen Yi, 2-28 (the massacre of thousands of Taiwanese that began February 28, 1947), and many other subjects.

George H. Kerr, the author of the book, was in Taiwan during that time, serving as vice consul at the U.S. consulate.

The complete text of this important work is available here for free!

Introductory Material
The Heart of the Matter
Preface to the New Edition

Part One: The View from Washington, 1941-1945
1. The Cairo Declaration
2. "Island X"

Part Two: The Chinese Take Over
3. The Surrender on Formosa, 1945
4. Americans in Uniform
5. A Government of Merchants
6. Chen Yi's "Necessary State Socialism"
7. Unwelcome Witnesses
8. The UNRRA-CNRRA Story

Part Three: Crisis and Aftermath
9. The Formosans' Story: A Year of Disenchantment
10. The Search for Recognition
11. On the Eve of Disaster
12. The February Incident, 1947
13. Town Meetings, American Style
14. The March Massacre
15. The Aftermath
16. The "Reform Administration"
17. The Retreat to Formosa

Part Four: Formosa becomes "Free China"
18. Turning Point
19. Formosa's "Republican Decade"
20. Behind the Reform Facade
21. Two Chinas?
22. Free Formosa

1. The Thirty-two Demands
2. Dr. K. C. Wu's Views on the Police State and General Chiang Ching-kuo

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