old fashioned

photo of donuts and their label: 'Choco Fashioned / 巧克力歐菲香', price NT$35 (about US$1.20)

Here’s a shot of some Hanzified, Mandarinized English I recently came across. Qiǎokèlì (巧克力) is of course a well-established loan word, from the English “chocolate” (though here the English is given in the more Japanese-English form of choco, as befits a Japanese donut chain store in Taiwan). Ōufēixiāng (歐菲香) is a rendering of “old fashioned.” Although the “old” is missing from the English above, it can be seen in both of the tags pictured below.

photo of donuts and their labels: 'White Cocoa Old Fashioned / 白可可歐菲香' and 'Old Fashioned / 原味歐菲香'
Bái kěkě ōufēixiāng (白可可歐菲香) and yuán wèi ōufēixiāng (原味歐菲香).

And if that’s not enough to fill you up with Hanzified English, perhaps try a piece of Bōshìdùn pài (波士頓派), i.e., “Boston [cream] pie.”