Hoklo dictionaries: a list

The newly redesigned Tailingua has just issued a useful list of dictionaries of the Taiwanese language and related dialects (PDF).

Here’s a random sample:

  • Dyer, Samuel ???? (1838 ). A Vocabulary of the Hok-keen Dialect as Spoken in the County of Tsheang- Tshew [?????]. Malacca: Anglo-Chinese College Press.
  • Embree, Bernard L.M. ??? (1973). A Dictionary of Southern Min [???????]. Kowloon: Hong Kong Language Institute.
  • Fùx?ng wénhuà shìyèshè ??????? (2004). Táiw?n m?y? y?nbi?o zìdi?n ???????? [Taiwanese mother tongue pronunciation dictionary]. Táinán: Fùx?ng Wénhuà Shìyèshè ???? ???.
  • Hare, G.T. (1904). The Hokkien Vernacular [????????]. Kuala Lumpur: Straits Settlements and Selangor Government Printing Offices.
  • Hóng Guóliáng ??? (2004). Héluòy? y?nzì duìzhào di?n ???????? [Comparative dictionary of Ho-lo pronunciation]. G?oxióng: Fùwén ??.
  • Hóng Hóngyuán ??? (2009). Xuésh?ng Tái–Huá shu?ngy? huóyòng cídi?n ?????????? [Bilingual everyday Taiwanese–Mandarin dictionary for students]. Táib?i: W? Nán Túsh? Ch?b?n Y?uxiàn G?ngs? ??????????.
  • Hú X?nlín ??? (1994). Shíyòng Táiy? xi?o cídi?n ??????? [Practical pocket Taiwanese dictionary]. Táib?i: Zìlì W?nbào Ch?b?nbù ???????.

One thought on “Hoklo dictionaries: a list

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so if anyone knows of any absent works, feel free to let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

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