Google releases Pinyin input method for Windows, IE

Google has released a Pinyin-based character-input method for Windows systems. It offers a number of special features … which I don’t have time to detail right now, sorry. Read about them here: Google Gǔgē pīnyīn shūrùfǎ gōngnéng jièshào. And download the program from this page.

3 thoughts on “Google releases Pinyin input method for Windows, IE

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  2. This is a great tool, definitely better than what you get by default on Windows. I was a little disappointed, however, that there was no English documentation – – my Chinese isn’t quite good enough to understand all the options and what not.

    So I spent a few days with a dictionary, and now have a translation of the main setup options. It’s available here to whoever might need it.

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