‘write the fancy’, Taiwan tells foreigners

In line with yesterday’s remarks on the Taiwan government’s absurd approach to communicating with foreigners by putting up websites in poor English, here’s something from Taiwan’s National Police Agency, which is part of the Ministry of the Interior.

text reads 'What a Fancy Taiwan! Write the fancy. Win a camera!'

Do you think what the most unique part of Taiwan is? Except in Taiwan you will never see the following in the whole world, 101 Building, Gods of folk religion or aboriginal teenagers. If you are a foreigner living here, before November 30, 2006, please write an essay telling us what your coolest experience is in Taiwan and you might win a new digital camera.

In Forumosa’s thread on this, the poster “redwagon” has perhaps said it best:

image of Taiwan with four figures: a Taiwanese opera singer, an aboriginal teenage girl, a rice farmer, and a kung-fu guy

OMFG. Finally some of our tax money gets spent on something useful. Our entertainment.

If I didn’t know for a fact that it’s not possible to register a .gov.tw domain privately, I’d have thought it was a send up.

Or, maybe it’s a trap, in the ‘hundred flowers’ style. They aim to trick us to send our rants in, blinded by our lust for cheap digital cameras, and then deport us for not appreciating Taiwanese culture.

There’s still almost a week left in which to submit your own entry. A number of the more sarcastic entries remain, probably because those in charge of the site have no idea what’s going on.

source: What a Fancy Taiwan!, accessed November 24, 2006.

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