Sino-Platonic Papers releases new issues

The wide-ranging and provocative Sino-Platonic Papers has just come out with 25 new titles (nos. 146-170).

Here are some of the new releases:

  • Conversion Tables for the Three-Volume Edition of the Hanyu Da Cidian
  • Learning English, Losing Face, and Taking Over: The Method (or Madness) of Li Yang and His Crazy English
  • The Genealogy of Dictionaries: Producers, Literary Audience, and the Circulation of English Texts in the Treaty Port of Shanghai
  • The Mysterious Origins of the Word “Marihuana”
  • A Sacred Trinity: God, Mountain, and Bird: Cultic Practices of the Bronze Age Chengdu Plain
  • Uyghurs and Uyghur Identity
  • Writings on Warfare Found in Ancient Chinese Tombs
  • Aspects of Assimilation: the Funerary Practices and Furnishings of Central Asians in China
  • The Names of the Yi Jing Trigrams: An Inquiry into Their Linguistic Origins
  • Counting and Knotting: Correspondences between Old Chinese and Indo-European
  • Shang and and Zhou: An Inquiry into the Linguistic Origins of Two Dynastic Names
  • DAO and DE: An Inquiry into the Linguistic Origins of Some Terms in Chinese Philosophy and Morality

Two of the new releases are in French:

  • Mythologie sino-européenne
  • Le gréco-bouddhisme et l’art du poing en Chine

Most of the issues released prior to this batch have on-line excerpts. All SPPs will have on-line excerpts eventually — once I have the time, hardware, and software to do the job, that is. (I serve as SPP’s webmaster but have no other direct involvement with the publication.)

Check out the Web site of the Sino-Platonic Papers, now at a new URL, for details and a complete list of issues.

This will be the last batch to come out in printed form, so get ’em while you still can.

2 thoughts on “Sino-Platonic Papers releases new issues

  1. Will the SPP at some point be available for purchase online, e.g. as PDFs? I have fond memories of the days when I lived near UPenn in Philly and could just bike to the Van Pelt library and look at the latest issues, but now that I’m in Beijing, things are rather more difficult…

  2. At least some of the back issues will be available for free as PDFs, once I’m able to start the massive digitizing project. (There are some 9,300 pages to process!) Future issues will be released as PDFs. These may also be free; the details are still being worked out.

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