Two Years in the Forbidden City

by the Princess Der Ling,
First Lady in Waiting to the Empress Dowager


  1. Introductory
  2. At the Palace
  3. A Play at the Court
  4. A Luncheon with the Empress
  5. An Audience with the Empress
  6. In Attendance on Her Majesty
  7. Some Incidents of the Court
  8. The Court Ladies
  9. The Emperor Kwang Hsu
  10. The Young Empress
  11. Our Costumes
  12. The Empress and Mrs. Conger
  13. The Empress's Portrait
  14. The Emperor's Birthday
  15. The Mid-Autumn Festival
  16. The Summer Palace
  17. The Audience Hall
  18. The New Year Festivals
  19. The Sea Palace
  20. Conclusion

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